We’re a team of caring, dedicated and smart claims specialists.

We’re a diverse team based in London with the combined wisdom and experience of the ancient wise ones! Driven by excellence, social responsibility, ethics and a commitment to our customers, our standards focus on problem-solving, quality and service.

We’re an organisation with values.

Commitment, honesty, reliability and communication are essential ingredients in our strategy. By developing a dedicated and engaged team and understanding our customers’ needs and striving to meet them, we believe we mark out our position at the forefront of accident management and its related services.

We’re big on corporate responsibility.

We we see as a duty to provide an environment in which our people are empowered, trained to broaden their skills and experience real job satisfaction. We strive to develop a team spirit, with high morale and involvement. Everyone’s contribution is valued. We work hard at creating a good place for people to work. And that includes making it a safe and healthy environment.

The Story

Disappointed with how he was dealt with and the service he received after an accident, Sheran (co-founder) envisaged a service that managed the entire accident process while keeping a strong eye on customer care. Back in 2004 and in the midst of a sea of rogue claims companies, Sheran set up Simple Claims to simplify the accident process for drivers, ensure they had a quality replacement vehicle, and to serve people in their moment of vulnerability with integrity. People found it refreshing to use a company that they could trust. A few years later, he and his partners made sure all the vehicles were PCO licensed so that Private Hire drivers could benefit from Simple Claims help and get back on the road effortlessly, ready for work.

Focus on Quality and Care

As Sheran found after his accident, drivers feel like their drowning with no clarity and direction. All he wanted was straight to the point information, what he was entitled to, and what to do next – without confusing lingo. Flashy marketing is great but during such a stressful event people just want someone to talk to so that they can feel at ease and trust that it’s all being taken care of.

With this approach in mind, our team consistently achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. We treat you with respect and we have the same people dealing with your claim throughout the process. We know that after an accident the process of sorting things out often feels like a car crash itself. Drivers just want it all taken care of without having to run  around themselves and chase up people. At no cost to you, we provide an end-to-end service whilst you get on with what’s important.